Hello, my name is Coby Moore.  I am a graphic designer with a penchant for printmaking and designs for digital applications. Working in digital mediums has always interested me. Having a computer at a young age, the seemingly limitless potential that it offered ensured that my childhood was filled with experimentation and exploration. This kind of electronic fascination also influences the kind of work I seem to find myself doing. Cover-art and identity systems for musicians and experimental projects is often where I find myself most comfortable working. That being said, I always enjoy working outside of my comfort zone. The involvement and excitement of producing good work for clients to feel truly satisfied and happy with, this is what drives me as a designer.

I also produce personal pieces which I use to explore more satirical/obscure subjects. These often involve printmaking (traditional and modern). Personal works often involve my ontological fascination regarding the categorization and hierarchy of individuals in a world where powerful monolithic structures (physical and societal) are growing as a result of technology. In these works I hope to invoke the viewer’s curiosity; creating compositions which the conventional designs of corporate and agencial entities is disregarded for that of a more fantastic and exaggerated sensibility.